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Sarah wears Trench in black denim.

LT: Where are you isolating?

SHG: I’ve been isolating with my husband, Harry, and our nine-month-old Ophelia at our home in Grey Lynn, Auckland for over four weeks now so we’ve established our rhythm.

LT: What’s the best part of working from home?

SHG: Spending more time as a family. It’s so special for Ophelia to have both her parents around every single day. Working from home also means that my husband and I are constantly bouncing ideas and opportunities off one another. It’s something we’ve always done but being at home together makes this a bigger part of our day which I love.


LT: What’s the hardest part of working from home?

SHG: Balancing being a Director of Harris Tapper as well as a full-time daycare facility is a challenge! I’m under no illusion there are families in much harder situations than we are so it’s definitely been a case of just moving forward with it and doing the best I can.


LT: I saw an article from British Vogue where they suggested ‘skin-fasting' (read: doing nothing), is recommended to rejuvenate your skin while in isolation. Are you skin-fasting?

SHG: I haven’t been wearing a drop of makeup and only an oil in the evening so in theory yes, I’ve been skin fasting! Probably the only fasting I’ve been doing in isolation.


LT: What’s a book you’ve been recommended but haven’t read yet (speaking of, do you still have my copy of Normal People lol)?

SHG: I have a pile of books on my bedside table (Normal People being one of them) and the best intentions but in all honesty, I haven’t read a book since Ophelia was born. Articles are more my thing, so you can have your book back.


LT: A recipe you’ve made more than once in the past two weeks (that means it’s actually good)?

SHG: You know I’m no chef but I was given a delicious French farmhouse bread recipe from my mother-in-law. It’s really hard to perfect but I'm determined.


Sarah wears Knitted Dress in sage.

LT: What’s a piece of HT you’ve reached for the most in lockdown?

SHG: My sage Knitted Dress. It’s so comfortable, warm and you can still host a Zoom meeting without looking like you’ve been in isolation for a month.


LT: What’s the best, worst TV you’ve watched in lockdown?

SHG: Best is Dr Ashley Bloomfield’s update at 1pm every day! It’s a lockdown ritual. We are also working our way through Masterclass which I highly recommend. No time for anything bad!


LT: I know meditation is important to you. Are you still keeping up your usual routine? If you’ve made changes, what are they?

SHG: I still meditate every day, my husband and I have an hour to ourselves in the morning to do what we need to do. Mine usually involves a 30-minute full body workout followed by lots of stretching and then 10 minutes of guided meditation, I’m still learning.


Sarah wears merino Weekday Jumper in Duck Egg.

LT: Are you having a drink every evening, if so, what is it? I am!

SHG: A margarita made by my husband around 6pm every night while I finish off a few emails and prepare Ophelia’s dinner.


LT: Is there an article or podcast you read/listened to recently that made you feel optimistic?

SHG: I love listening to podcasts around trend forecasting. Whether it be forecasting what may happen on a broader economic scale or more specifically in media or creative industries, I find it so interesting and inspiring. Most recently a Business of Fashion podcast with Retail Futurist Doug Stephens, and his view on how Coronavirus will shift consumer behaviour.


LT: What news feeds do you listen to regularly?

SHG: I listen to the BBC, NY Times and Financial Times headlines on Google Home every morning when I’m feeding O her breakfast.


LT: What is the top of your to-do list?

SHG: A call with our amazing sales agent, Bianca, in Australia to run through possible scenarios given this ever-changing environment.


LT: Have you made de-constructed burgers yet?

SHG: Haha. No… but we made Cajun chicken burgers with Daily Bread brioche buns and they were heaven.


LT: What do you miss most about normal life?

SHG: Seeing our friends and family and going out for dinner. I love socialising in this way and I miss it a lot. I think this time in isolation will help us to appreciate the intricacies of our freedom and socialising the way we used to. I find comfort in the fact that, globally, we’re all in this together. I also believe this is so much bigger than us, an ecological re-set.

Sarah wears merino Zip Knit in black.


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