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Aaraf Adam’s Visual Project Spotlights Black Muslim Women in New Zealand

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Aaraf Adam has created KanSuda, a platform focused on telling stories with Black Muslim and African originating women, Pasifika women and POC.

Her new work explores the importance of perseverance and loving yourself while depicting an inclusive society through imagery and film. Shot at Te Henga Beach in Auckland, New Zealand, this film shows the power of the mere visibility of Black Muslim women alongside Pasifika women.

Styled in Harris Tapper by Aaraf Adam.

"One of the girls is an artist, the other is a painter and another works in the mental health department of a hospital, so they each have their own stories outside of their visual identity.” For Adam, Finding your LIGHT represents unapologetic authenticity and the idea of a multifaceted identity. I wanted to show that we’re creatives. Our brand isn’t that we’re hijabis or Black Muslims, it just so happens that we are those things too and we want to embrace that as well as everything else that makes up who we are. People need to see Black women in beautiful locations and ethereal environments. Those spaces aren’t just reserved for our white counterparts.” - Aaraf Adam for AnOther Magazine.

Directed: Aaraf Adam, Vogue Ponini-Pilisi.
Cinematography and Editing: Jarem Cabamongan.
Voiceover: Rosa Fihla.
Styling: Aaraf Adam, wearing Harris Tapper.
MU: Victoria Asi.
Talent: Nimo Mohammed, Naawie Tutugoro, Vogue Ponini-Pilisi.
Music: Felix Tanyi, Max Giesecke.


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