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A personal note from Sarah & Lauren -


Often a big change or disruption causes one to consider or realign themselves. Reflecting over the past two years, post-pandemic, we have noticed ourselves reaching for the same uniform, day in and day out. Within these chaotic and unpredictable times, we personally have tried to find a considered consistency in what we wear every day, seeking a balance between creativity and restraint.

The Harris Tapper sensibility has always been understated, tailored, and elegant. Now more than ever we are honing in on autobiographical design, meditating on our own approach to dressing and what the Harris Tapper woman needs in her wardrobe; consistency and sophistication balancing imagination and luxury. 

Two artists we greatly admire are Egon Schiele and Andreé Putman. This collection draws references from Schiele’s intensifying, raw depiction of the human body, and Putman’s sublime indifference to trends, juxtaposing the two radically different yet supremely talented artists. Scheile’s paintings of suiting and shirting have a subtle fluidity in their silhouette, which is echoed in the oversized, layered, and masculine nature of this season’s tailoring. Putman’s functional approach to creating beautiful spaces inspires the workability of each piece in the collection, ensuring every item works with its other to serve women in their multi-faceted and busy lives. 

“I like the beautiful and the useful, even more, the beautiful in the useful” - Andreé Putman. 




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