Inspired by the 1967 film ‘Belle du Jour’ the collection explores the themes of subversive femininity, the interplay of everyday elegance and occasion wear, alongside masculine tailoring cues.


Creative Director, Lauren Tapper discusses the inspiration behind the new SS22 collection, 'Séverine'

Drawings, fittings, colour swatches and inspiration behind the SS22 collection.

What is the inspiration behind the collection? 

The 1967 film Belle de Jour serves as the main reference point for the collection. 

What drew you to this film? 

The premise of the film is that Séverine is unable to share physical intimacy with her husband, despite their love for each other. Her sexual life is restricted to elaborate fantasies involving domination, sadomasochism, and bondage. She decides to spend her midweek afternoons as an escort, while her husband is at work. The connective themes of the collection follow the ideals of the film - subversion and transcendence of reality alongside the sins and indiscretions of the bourgeoisie. The costume in the film was designed by Yves Saint Laurent and the wardrobe is almost two halves - uptight and rigorous, almost militant which reflects the character's behaviour outside of her profession, and then again in the dreamscapes her wardrobe is ripped, dishevelled and subversively sexual - yet still not obviously so.

How does this collection evolve from previous seasons? 

In each collection we do not aim to offer something drastically different, but to build upon the last collection. We offer the women who wear our clothes a wardrobe to serve their busy, multifaceted lives, rather than dictating current trends to her. Easy elegance, subtle yet subversive femininity and a minimalistic sophistication are at the core of every piece we design. Each garment needs to work in with others in the collection, as well as pairing it back to the wearer's pre-existing wardrobe, resulting in a collection of pieces that aren’t traditionally trend driven, but a part of a lasting wardrobe. 

How would you describe the collection in 3 words? 

Structured, fluid, feminine.

What is your favourite piece, why?

Lauren: The Harris Blazer and Albert Trouser suit set. Worn with the Albert Vest. It’s the perfect three piece suit in a lightweight, Ivory wool.

Sarah:  I love the black velvet story. The Lars Dress and Lars Top paired back with he Magda Trousers are the epitome of subversive femininity. I will be wearing the black velvet Magda Trousers all winter.

‘Belle de Jour’ trailer



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