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Harris Tapper is committed to making cherished pieces that sustain a long lifetime in a women’s wardrobe.


Approximately 20% of our fabrics are sourced as end-of-line or discarded fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Approximately 50% of our fabrics are natural, made from wool, silk and cotton.

Polyester makes up a small part of our collection. The reason for this is that both have technical benefits that are unable to be met in other fibres, such as anti-crease (in suiting), or antipilling (in knitwear). This means pieces can be worn more frequently and lasts longer.


This year we have started to re-purpose our leftover fabrics into garment bags and fabric sleeves for online orders. Eventually doing away with previous packaging options such as tissue paper, bought garment bags and stickers.

All plastics that come into our business from other suppliers are reused, ensuring there’s no single use plastic.

Country of Manufacture and Code of Conduct

Approximately 20% of our collection is made in New Zealand and 80% in China. Specialty and end-of-line fabrics are used in garments made in New Zealand, sourced through local suppliers. End-of-line fabrications vary between natural and man-made fibres.

All of our suppliers are required to sign our Code of Conduct, based off the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) global code of conduct, ensuring all practices adhere to global ethical standards set by the ETI. Where possible we pay regular personal visits to our suppliers  to build on our relationships and ensure these codes are being met.


We believe in a long-term sustainable business model and have goals to try to find a balance between environmentally friendly practices and sustainable business planning.

Harris Tapper does not compromise on the quality of any product released, focusing on fit, refined and considered detailing and exceptional fabrications.


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